I specialize in the following fields

Native applications

The main area of my specialisation is developing native, universal iOS applications. Written for a specific hardware platform, native applications are optimised for the best performance and can take full advantage of all the device features like camera, GPS, accelerometer or compass. The universal solution can be installed on any version of iPhone, iPod and iPad.

Mobile web applications

Applications that look like native apps, but are accessible through the mobile device's web browser. Mobile web application, just like atraditional web app is created using three main technologies: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Hybrid applications

From the functional point of view hybrid applications can be as good as native solutions. The key difference is that hybrid apps are hosted inside a native application that utilizes a mobile platform’s web view. Hybrid applications can be also deployed to other platforms like Android or Windows Phone.

3D mobile applications

I also specialize in Unity 3D development in case you need a 3D mobile application, whether it's a presentation of your products or a mini game advertising your business. This is a good way to entertain your potential customers and present your products in a new attractive way.

About me

My name is Adam, I'm an iOS developer from London with 5 years of experience in developing business applications, e-commerce, product presentations and games. I started creating my own mobile applications when the iPhone revolution started in 2008 and since then have built unique applications that can be found on the Apple app store. I'm very communicative and organize my work well so I can meet the strict deadlines and deliver high quality products for my clients. I have got all the most recent Apple products including Apple Watch available for testing the applications. Please contact me if you need a reliable iOS developer.

About my experience

I started my programming career in 2005 as a Server-Side Developer. For over 5 years I was programming mainly in Java and PHP programming languages. I worked as a Web Developer for great companies like Warner Music Group and Time Inc UK. During this period I learned about coding standards, system development life cycle, testing and debugging techniques. The experience and knowledge I gained as a Server-Side Developer helped me to quickly learn iOS Development and organise my work in a disciplined way.

In 2009 everyone in London was talking about iPhone as it became a revolutionary technology. I got my first iPhone 3G few months after it was released to the market. My first thought after I started using iPhone was - "how can I develop an iOS Application?". I started developing a simple 2D game (it's not available in the AppStore anymore, but I still have it on my old 3G). The first taste of developing in Objective-C was a great experience and I decided to develop an utility type of application, it was a business calendar. This is how I became an iOS Developer London was a great place to continue my new passion as from the beginning of iPhone revolution many UK companies were interested in this new technology.

iOS Developer London

Professional experience

I worked on various projects, many of them were cross-platform solutions like "Barcode Prizes" developed for Barcode Prizes Ltd. In this project the iPhone application is a client connecting to a server via SOAP web service. The client application uses a device camera to scan barcodes and sends the barcode details to the server to check if the user wins a competition. I developed an iOS library for processing camera image in the search of barcode. I was responsible for both client-side and server-side development, so I had to learn how to be a good Data Processing Developer as well as an User Experience Expert.

London iOS DeveloperI always follow the standards and learn new technologies. In the last couple of months I was learning about WatchKit (Apple Watch programming library), you can check my implementation of the Apple Watch support in the application "Currency Info Converter Free" developed for Nixus Development. It's a real time currency converter, which allows you to track currency rate changes and receive notifications in various ways. The application fetches the data from the server side application which I also developed. It features intuitive user interface, in-app purchases integrations and it's an universal application which means that it runs on any iOS device. The iOS DEVELOPER LONDON website describes briefly my experience, if you would like to see the full list of the projects I worked on please contact me and I will send you a copy of my CV.

3D Development

In the last two years I found a big passion in developing 3D software. I use Unity3D for developing product presentations and games. Together with my partner who is a graphic designer I created six iOS games, the most noteworthy titles are: Stella's Journey, Religion Simulator: God Games, Match The Pattern.

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